Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment
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Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

Overview Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment Product Description This equipment can handle m
Basic Info
Model NO. ZTHB-14
Treatment Microwave
Name Medical Waste Microwave Disinfection Equipment
Core Components PLC, Microwave
Feeding Automatic Lifting and Feeding
Function Medical Waste
Application Hospital
After-Sales Service Provided Installation, Commissioning, Training on Site
After Warranty Service Video Technical Support
Process Type Fully Continuous
Treatment Type Pre-Shredding with Core-Hearting Microwave Disinfe
Fuel Electric
Weight (Kg) 13000kg
Overall Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H) 8000*2900*2650
Capacity(T/D) 5
Total Power(Kw) 130
Advantage High Efficiency Sterilization
Transport Package in Wooden Cases or Bare
Specification ZT-MWT-5000
Trademark ZTHB
Origin Shandong, China
HS Code 8419200000
Production Capacity 10sets/Month
Product Description

Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

Product Description

This equipment can handle medical waste such as medical infection, injury and pathology, and carry out harmless disposal of medical waste. Equipment integrated design, a full set of equipment low energy consumption, automatic operation, simple operation, anytime and anywhere treatment of medical waste, fixed, mobile can be customized according to demand, convenient and flexible.

Microwave disinfection treatment system is an integrated equipment, the equipment at least by automatic feeding unit, airtight bin unit, multi-function airtight crushing unit, negative pressure pumping unit, microwave disinfection sterilization bin unit, microwave generator unit, steam heating system, discharging unit, automatic control unit, waste gas treatment unit 10 units and alarm system.Microwave sterilization is the result of the joint action of microwave thermal effect and biological effect,so that microwave can directly interact with bacteria,fast sterilization.1.The thermal effect of microwave energy:under the action of a certain intensity of microwave field,bacteria will absorb microwave energy due to the polarization of molecules,thus making Protein and Physiologically active substance deforms and loses its biological activity.The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid warming and sterilization.
2.Non-thermal effect of microwave energy:the high frequency electric field changes the structure of polarized molecules,leading to protein and physiological active substances in the microbial body mutation and loss of vitality or death,in the sterilization of conventional physical sterilization has no special role.

Product Parameters

No.System unitItemTechnical ParametersRemark
1Hoisting System
Garbage can660L660L660L
Power source
4kw hydraulic system
4kw hydraulic system4kw hydraulic system
MaterialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
2Stock binVolume1m³1.2m³1.2m³
MaterialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Eccentric swage
3Crushing systemPower22kw30kw30kw
BladeΦ345*30 D550Φ345*30 D550Φ345*30 D550
4Sterilization chamberPower2.2kw3kw3kw
Chamber size530-5000530-6000530-8500
Microwave generator
5Discharge screwPower3kw3kw3kw
6Main body dimension (excluding hoist and discharge screw)7000*2900*26508000*2900*265010500*290*2650
7Supporting facilitySteam generator, water chiller, water softener, electric control box, exhaust equipment (optional), etc
8Total power97kw130kw176kw
9Total Weight11000kg13000kg15000kg

Process Flow

The process of microwave disinfection of medical waste:
1.the medical waste transfer box is transported to the medical waste disposal center to the standard trash bin in the medical waste feeding area; the automatic feeding module automatically sends the medical waste in the standard medical waste bin to the closed silo through the closed feeding bin, and the negative pressure to prevent the overflow of harmful substances.2. Multi-function crushing module will reduce the amount of internal medical waste crushing treatment, Into small pieces of medical waste (about 5cm); Small pieces of medical waste will automatically enter the spiral microwave disinfection and sterilization chamber through the screen; The spiral microwave disinfection sterilization chamber has a uniform module, Mix small pieces of medical waste in the spiral microwave sterilization chamber; The spiral microwave disinfection warehouse warehouse is provided with the microwave disinfection treatment unit, Generate the electromagnetic waves of the corresponding frequency wavelength; Steam heating system is installed next to the microwave disinfection and sterilization chamber, Send the high temperature pressure steam into the microwave disinfection and sterilization chamber through the steam pipeline; Under the interaction of the high-temperature electromagnetic waves of the pressure vapor and the corresponding frequency wavelength, Complete the disinfection and sterilization of medical waste.3. Among them, the temperature in the microwave disinfection sterilization chamber is 95ºC, and the disinfection time of medical waste is 45 minutes. The medical waste is transported and promoted in the body of the spiral microwave disinfection sterilization warehouse, so that the medical waste is rotated and stirred while moving forward, so as to make the medical waste heated and achieve the most ideal sterilization effect.4. After sterilization, the medical waste residue is discharged through the automatic discharge spiral system.

Equipment characteristics

1.Energy Saving:Microwave heating is uniform,no energy loss,high energy,strong penetration of the object,instantaneous penetration into the object,good energy saving effect,take the daily processing capacity of 5T/D model as an example,installed power is 117kw.2.Low operating temperature and slow heat loss:if microwave and the ordinary heating have the same amount of sterilization effect,the temperature on the object is obviously lower than that of ordinary heating.Waste after microwave sterilization,no residue,light damage.3.Non-selective effect on organisms:microwave has the same effect on organisms without selectivity,and its wide spectrum of bacteria can kill all kinds of microorganisms and pathogens.4.Microwave sterilization requires a small working environment and occupation area,the surrounding environment does not constitute high temperature,clean and hygienic.

Technical characteristics

1.Microwave disinfection technology uses microwave disinfection time short,fast speed,strong penetration,uniform temperature inside and outside,energy saving,good disinfection effect,2.In the microwave field,the cell structure is destroyed,and the balance of internal and external substances is destroyed,resulting in cell death.3.The combination of microwave and water vapor makes the disinfection effect more effective.4.Microwave disinfection technology does not produce dioxins and odorous gases,no wastewater discharge.

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Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

Medical Waste Disposal Machine Microwave Disinfection Equipment

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