The £20 travel item holidaymakers are raving about
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The £20 travel item holidaymakers are raving about

Jun 14, 2023

TRAVELLERS have praised a clever £19 product that works perfectly for going on holiday.

Falling asleep in a hotel room can be difficult for some people, but one nifty little device has been helping holidaymakers doze off.

The Babelio Mini White Noise Machine has been helping travellers get a better night's sleep whenever they're on the move.

This compact little machine features 15 different sound options including white noise, pink noise, and brown noise.

It also produces more natural sounds like rain and waves too.

There's also a timer function, and because of its compact size, it can easily fit into hand luggage of any size.

It comes in two different colours too and can be charged using a cable, making it easy to keep powered on the move.

The product has received extremely positive reviews, with an average of 4.5 stars based on 267 ratings on Amazon, where it costs £19.99.

Of those reviews, more than 87 per cent of people rated it either four or five stars.

One customer wrote: "I've used this for two recent travels and it has been great. The noise is a tinny sound of a fan, but I don't care about the quality of sound, just as long as I can sleep with it and it has worked perfectly for this."

Someone else added: "I'm glad I can give my phone app a break overnight when traveling."

A third person said: "I travel frequently for work and have such a difficult time being able to sleep in new environments.

"This tiny, but powerful sound machine is amazing and helps me sleep soundlessly."

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