I lost 238 pounds — but it ruined my sex life
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I lost 238 pounds — but it ruined my sex life

Jan 31, 2024



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A woman lost over 200 pounds after experiencing her "worst nightmare" at her largest — but she claims the weight loss has ruined her sex life.

Scarlet Corsi from Birmingham, Alabama, told Kennedy News that she grew up as a chubby child and was bullied by her classmates who called her a "spare tire," tripped her in hallways, stabbed her with hunting arrows and would shout "run, fatty, run" at her, referencing "Forrest Gump."

"They called me ‘wide load’ and said that ‘I’m so fat I should eat myself to death and get it over with,’ so they wouldn't have to look at me," Corsi, 36, said. "Words cut but I was physically bullied. I got slammed around, tripped and hit."

She said she was "bullied for existing," felt isolated and hated, and never wanted to leave the house — so she turned to food to help fill the "void of loneliness."

Corsi continued to rely on food for comfort when her mother passed away in 2018, which eventually brought her up to 392 pounds.

As she grieved, she claimed to binge on a "sickening" amount of food from gas stations and drink 12 cans of soda every day, spending over $11,000 per year on her eating habits.

Corsi was at her largest in 2019, which was when her "worst nightmare" came true.

The nature lover was at Universal Studios and was laughed at by fellow parkgoers when she was too big to fit in the "seat for fat people." In a theater experience, the seatbelt "wouldn't even go halfway around" her and she was asked to leave.

"I stood up and ran off and everyone's laughing. I was crying and humiliated, it was so crushing. They spotlighted me in a dark theatre, it was my worst nightmare," she admitted.

She also needed to use a CPAP machine when she was at her heaviest as she had trouble breathing and would stop in her sleep.

The following year Corsi underwent gastric sleeve surgery and started living a healthier lifestyle — resulting in her dropping nine dress sizes.

Her new diet is based on a keto lifestyle with a focus on protein, having a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and lean meat with salad or vegetables for dinner.

In comparison, her old diet consisted of two Monster coffees and three biscuits for breakfast; a box of 30 chicken strips, potato wedges and a biscuit, with two green Monster energy drinks for lunch; and for dinner, a big bag of everything that the gas station didn't sell that day, including burritos and pizza sticks, with Cokes and coffees for her beverage.

But Corsi isn't necessarily thrilled with the results, saying she just went from "one monster to the next."

"I feel punished for all my hard work and I’ve changed from one monster to the next because of my skin," she said. "I’m still walking around ashamed of my body and can't be proud of it."

She now has loose skin that weighs up to 28 pounds and has affected all parts of her life — including her sex life with her partner, Justin King, 34.

"It's really affected my intimacy and romantic life with my partner. It doesn't matter how I turn, bend or lean, I’ve got something hanging," she shared. "I don't enjoy [being intimate] because the whole time I’m horrified of my own body. I make flapping sounds and all kinds of weird sounds and squishes."

Corsi added that her "breasts look like I’ve had a litter of puppies or something."

"They’re horribly saggy. I have to roll it up and tuck it in my bra and at any time it's spilling out the top or bottom," she said. "Or if you were to be the one on top, it's just nothing but saggy, melting skin and you know your partner loves you but you know to see it is probably horrifying."

"I feel ashamed that we both have to see it and guilty that he's stuck with me, it feels like he gets punished for loving me. I think ‘you don't have to have someone that looks melted.’ "

Corsi feels "horrified" by her own body post-surgery, with her skin "noisily" flapping, and admitted that she feels like a charity case and would rather be asexual so "no one has to look at her."

The excess skin has also caused rashes, chafing and infections. It's also made it harder for her to fit into clothes and exercise.

She added, "When I’m in the bath or any kind of water, my skin bobs and floats around and is crazy looking. It's like a jellyfish effect, it really is, I don't know how else to describe it."

She was so "desperate" to get surgery to feel confident in her own skin, she made an OnlyFans account to help her raise money for it. When she didn't get enough on OnlyFans, she created a GoFundMe.

"People think it's a vanity issue, it's so much more than that. It's causing health problems, the skin on my butt that hangs is so heavy it's hurting my nerves and making it hard to bend over and sit upright," Corsi said. "I just want to know what it's like to be confident in myself for once. What I’m looking forward to most after having my surgery is looking normal for once."

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