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Tears of the Kingdom Majora's Mask Guide

Jun 03, 2023

Majora's Mask is a cursed artifact of immense power -- and Link can finally control that power for the forces of good in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has gotten a lot of comparison to Majora's Mask due to its similar status as one of the few direct sequels in the Zelda series. Those comparisons may become even more relevant now, considering players can find and wear Majora's Mask in TOTK.

While the mask itself isn't strong in terms of raw defensive prowess, it more than makes up for it with its ability. While wearing Majora's Mask, monsters see Link as one of their own and won't attack him unless he engages them first. However, finding and receiving the mask won't be a walk in the park. It requires players to travel to the Floating Coliseum in the Depths and take on a five-round gauntlet of one of the most powerful non-boss monsters in the game: the Lynel.

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When taking on the Coliseum, players will face five waves of Lynels, which grow progressively stronger. Players will face a regular Red-Maned Lynel, a Blue-Maned Lynel, a White-Maned, a Silver-Maned and, finally, an armored Silver-Maned Lynel. Most of them will have similar attack patterns, consisting largely of charging attacks that vary in speed. Anyone who played Breath of the Wild knows how powerful Lynels can be, though, and even with the introduction of Gleeoks and more traditional Bosses in TOTK, they still remain some of the toughest enemies in the game. With that said, there is a tried and true method to take them down, but it may require a bit of practice.

Before even attempting to fight the Lynels in the Coliseum, it's recommended that players bring plenty of Sundelion meals because the Lynels will deal Gloom damage like any other monster encountered in the Depths. All the sage powers will be useful here in helping to whittle away at the health of the Lynel. But Tulin is particularly important as he will occasionally pull off a headshot that will immediately stun the Lynel giving Link ample time to move in for an attack.

Another important thing to note is that -- while mounted on the Lynel's back -- weapon durability is not affected by the attacks Link hits it with. This makes the Royal Guard Claymore invaluable for slaying Lynels, as its attack power is doubled right before it's about to break. Additionally, after defeating the first Lynel, it should drop a Savage Lynel Bow, which will help in winning the rest of the battles, as its triple shot makes it much easier to score a headshot stun.

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While the Floating Coliseum is in the Depths, it's fairly easy to get to in contrast to some of the more perilous areas of Hyrule's underground. In relation to the surface, the Floating Coliseum is directly below the Coliseum Ruins of Central Hyrule, just north of the Great Plateau. It's also fairly close to the Great Abandoned Central Mine, so players that have already discovered that area will have a convenient spot to fast travel to.

Being that the Coliseum is floating, the easiest way to get there is to build a flying machine or balloon and fly toward its general direction. There are no real obstacles blocking the path in the sky -- the true fight comes in the Coliseum itself. When Link does finally arrive at the Coliseum, he'll notice a treasure chest in the center of the arena covered in Gloom -- this is Majora's Mask. However, he won't be able to open it just yet. As soon as he lands in the center of the Coliseum, one of the most difficult battles in the game will commence with little warning.

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The best way to take down Lynels is to know their attack pattern and react accordingly. Generally, Lynels rely on swift charging attacks that do massive damage. However, every so often, they will breathe a succession of three fireballs at Link, which are fairly easy to dodge. Finally, the higher-level variations will use an explosive attack that spreads out around the Lynel and can be avoided by simply staying at a safe distance.

The main strategy for taking Lynels down is to wait until they charge at Link and then shield parry the Lynel's attack. This'll cause it to stop in its tracks, providing the player a brief moment to take aim with a bow and land a clean headshot. After stunning the Lynel with a headshot, Link will be able to mount it like a horse by running toward it and pressing A, allowing him to let off a flurry of attacks while mounted on the Lynel's back.

The one curveball in the Coliseum will be the final battle against an armored Silver-Maned Lynel. Thanks to its heavy stone armor, Link won't be able to deal any direct damage until he breaks through its gear with some bombs or other rock-breaking weapons. After that's taken care of, though, the final battle should play out like all the others.

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