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Company teaches mask

Jun 05, 2023

Daniel Leal/Getty Images

A company in Japan is offering lessons for people who forgot how to smile when they wore masks during the Covid pandemic. Egaoiku – which means "Smile Education" – is enjoying a four-fold increase in demand for smiling classes, including one-on-one sessions that cost 7,700 yen (£44). "I think there's a growing need for people to smile," said a spokesperson. The use of face coverings "skyrocketed" in Japan during Covid and "many people wouldn't be seen in public without a mask", noted Sky News.

Production of the forthcoming Barbie movie required so much pink paint that it wiped out an entire company's global supply. Speaking about the construction of Barbieland, which is almost entirely fluorescent pink, Greta Gerwig said the film had caused an international shortage of pink paint. "The world ran out of pink," she told Architectural Digest. However, the crew's supplier said that production had coincided with wider global supply chain problems caused by the pandemic and extreme weather.

A woman has married her artificial intelligence chatbot after falling in love with the robot because he doesn't have any "baggage", observed the Daily Star. Rosanna Ramos, 36, from the Bronx, New York, created her digital lover, Eren Kartal, using an app that simulates human-style conversations and responses through machine learning. The robot does not boast genuine emotions, consciousness, or self-awareness, but that did not stop Ramos falling in love with it.

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