Snap Up This Bento Box While It’s Still 50% Off at Amazon
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Snap Up This Bento Box While It’s Still 50% Off at Amazon

May 01, 2023

I love it, too.

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Food & Wine / Tyler Roeland

It must’ve been J. Kenji Lòpez-Alt's series, where he made bento boxes for his daughter and posted them on Instagram that got me into it, but I am now obsessed with bento boxes. Now when I’m preparing lunch for myself, I want everything to have its place, to be nice and organized and delicious looking.

Enter the Bentgo bento box, my new favorite. And if you need a lunch container or want to get in on this with me, you’re in luck. Right now it's 50% off at Amazon


To buy: Bentgo Bento Box, $15 (originally $30) at

First of all, what makes this bento box great is the fact that it discretely has two containers that stack on top of each other. The top container is split in half for two side dishes, and the bottom container is completely undivided, and perfect for a main. In between the two containers, is a compartment for silverware, so you can eat anywhere.

The entire system is microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe, so you can store, reheat, and wash it easily. It also comes with a strap so that nothing spills or the compartments don't open accidentally in your bag.

I love it, but don't just take my word for it. Over 28,700 Amazon shoppers agree with me thanks to how easy it is to clean, the portion size, and the overall quality. One reviewer was surprised at how much space it had, writing, "At first I thought the lunchbox was going to be too small when I saw it. But when I unstacked it, it had plenty of space between the two layers."

Another adds, "I have bought so many lunch boxes and they just are never this good! I love the section sizes, I can fit my lunch in if perfectly. I get so many compliments too!"

Whether you’re looking for a new lunch container, or want to start making beautiful bento boxes, snap up this bento box while it's still 50% off.

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