I have secret to perfect night's sleep — dress like a 'hostage'
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I have secret to perfect night's sleep — dress like a 'hostage'

Oct 01, 2023

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She's putting the "nap" in "kidnap."

Hannah Chody — @hannahchody on TikTok — swears by her unique, complex hack to get "the best sleep of your life," though she admits her husband said she looks like "someone being held hostage."

The Texan explains her peculiar ritual in a viral video that counts 10.5 million views since it was posted last month.

Chody, 30, said her bizarre nighttime routine requires a sound machine, mouth tape, a sleeping mask, a sleep crown and a face pillow stacked on top of two other pillows.

She captioned the video, "This is so specific but life changing sleep is important what can I say."

The Post reached out to Chody for comment.

When it's time to get ready for bed, the Austin TikToker turns on her sound machine.

"That's the best sound ever," she oohs.

Chody continues the tutorial while laying in bed with her Slip silk sleep mask on her forehead and her head resting atop three fluffed pillows.

"We lay in this pillow that encapsulates your head, so you get your beauty sleep," she explains.

Then she demonstrates how the sleep crown should be gently placed over your face, which some viewers found surprisingly comforting.

"Omg the sleep crown! How did I not know this existed — I usually just wrap a blanket around my head. Pls link!!!!" gushed one watcher.

Even "Parks and Recreation" actor Natalie Morales commented on the video, "The sleep crown is the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m not exaggerating in the least."

Chody revealed the final step before she calls it a night: "Mouth tape is the best for getting deep sleep. So mouth tape on!"

Mouth tape is adhesive placed on the lips so they don't part while sleeping.

Alex Neist, founder and CEO of the Hostage Tape brand, seconds Chody's sentiment. "Aside from improving sleep, [mouth tape] has shown to reduce bad breath, tooth decay and dry mouth, while helping the diaphragm work properly which relaxes the body," he told The Post in a statement Thursday.

But according to Healthline, mouth-taping can obstruct breathing, worsen sleep apnea, cause sleep disruption and spur allergic reactions.

Chody's unconventional sleep routine is drawing mixed reviews, with some calling it "suffocating."

"I was with it til the mouth tape LMAO I’d simply ✨pass away✨," joked one woman.

"Even watching other people put on mouth tape makes me feel like I’m suffocating," confessed a watcher.

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"Mouth tape is GAME CHANGER. I was on a girls trip in Miami last summer and made everyone use it," a viewer chimed in. "I use hostage tape too, so good!"

"My sleep paralysis could never 😭," admitted another. "How does one stay in that position all might?😅."

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